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Prairie Screamer

SCREAMING INTO TRADERS VILLAGE SUMMER 2022, PRAIRIE SCREAMER, a family-oriented roller coaster that will be popular with all ages!


Yo-Yo dangles riders in swings and propels them round and round, creating a delightful feeling of freedom. In full whirlwind mode, Yo-Yo uses centrifugal force to create a circle of riders 73 feet in diameter. The ride’s arms also tilt 10 degrees creating a high-flying experience.

The Fleafall

The Fleafall drop ride delivers big time thrills. Guests load in the round gondola and are slowly lifted the entire height of the towers 128 feet. Once the gondola reaches the top, the vehicle is released at free fall speeds over 45 mph. The excitement of a high-speed vertical drop tower provides super thrills.

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We offer an experience all families can treasure. Don’t take our word for it, read the guest reviews for yourself.

“I always enjoy myself at Traders Village. I find lots of good deals and my grandson enjoys riding the rides. If you go, try the Turkey Legs, they are delicious!! Good food and good fun!”

Teresa Burnette

“Nothing but fun, fun, fun!”

Cassandra Wade

“Love this place.. a good way to get outdoors with the family. Rides, shopping, foods… kids & family.. doesn’t get any better if you’re a simple momma like myself.”

Michelle Harrison